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One of the beauties I photographed at the SPCA this past week. 


*cant take a good selfie* *entire day is ruined*

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Ed is my spirit animal
My mom hired a transgender girl this week...
Co-worker: Did you know she's really a guy?
Mom: Not when I hired her but yes, I am aware now.
Co-worker: How could you hire someone like that?
Mom: Easy, she's adorable and more than capable of doing the job.
Co-worker: Well as a mother, I am appalled that he's allowed to work somewhere with people's children.
My mom: Listen here lady, that IS someone's child you're talking about. You are an adult. Stop acting like a child. SHE is a wonderful GIRL.
Co-Worker: Well I just don't feel safe sharing a bathroom with her.
Mom: Okay, she's transgender, not some kind of sexual predator. She's not going to attack you in the bathroom. She's obviously a better person than you. You know what? Why don't you go complain to management about it because your ignorance and hate is really pissing me off.


whenever i wanna cry i think about Van Gogh he was such a nice and lonely dude all he wanted was for people to love him he ate yellow paint because he thought it would get the happiness inside him oh god oh god that’s so sad i can’t breathe 

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being too lazy to breathe will probably be the cause of my death tbh

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